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Creating progress with economic inclusivity

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague Jay Mason. Jay is a community leader in Frederick, a member of the school board, and a commercial real estate broker.

We first met as students at Shepherd University 29 years ago! We reconnected for lunch this past January and got into a long conversation about economic inclusivity. We discovered that we both believe that all segments of the community need to be involved in that conversation in order to create change.

Both Jay and I want to do something to be a part of the solution to create economic inclusivity. Last week, I invited Jay to be part of the PPR Strategies team… so we can begin to explore ways that we can collaborate together!

We’re still in the process of discovering exactly what our collaborations will look like… and we know that will evolve.

Today, I invite you to meet Jay, learn about what he stands for, and hear his perspective on the change needed in our communities to create inclusivity.

I know that what I was doing before wasn’t enough to create inclusivity and equality in this country.

I can’t change that.

Now, we can only move forward.

That’s why our focus is on how we can progress from here.

And that means: getting started!

Jay and I are two people with different backgrounds who are ready to do something together. We are still figuring out what this will look like and it will continue to evolve.

By blending our joint experience of economic development marketing and commercial real estate, together we can figure out where communication gaps are in our communities and work to change that.

I know one thing: no change will happen if we don’t start.

We invite you to be a part of this discussion.

Share your thought, questions, or what economic inclusivity means to you, in the comments down below!

‘Til next time,

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