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Consumers Dig Flawsome Brands

Do you know someone who is perfect? You know who I’m talking about. They’ve got the perfect hair, the perfect job, with a perfect matching house and car. Heck, even their dog is perfect! No one really likes them, right? Well, if your brand is trying to be perfect too, you guessed it; no one really likes that either.

Photo via Trendwatching.com

Photo via Trendwatching.com

Brands are now embracing what Trendwatching.com has coined Flawsome: brands that are brilliant despite having flaws. They say that consumers not only embrace, but also are also more likely to trust brands that are transparent about their flaws.

Have you ever looked up restaurant reviews and found one that has perfect reviews. A little too perfect?

Seem fishy? Well, that’s probably because it is. While many businesses have been caught faking reviews on sites like Yelp, other companies are taking a different approach by embracing their flaws. It’s called being flawsome.

Dominos is probably one of the most Flawsome brands out there. In 2011 they launched a campaign letting people know they’re Flawsome by renting a billboard in Times Square with a live Twitter feed of reviews. Not all of them were good, but they let them run anyway.

Was it a smart move to literally post on a billboard that “The service wasn’t courteous, and slow”? Well, apparently, it was. According to Reevoo.com, 68% of consumers will trust your brand more if they see positive and negative reviews. Thirty percent of consumers believe that reviews have been faked if there are only positive reviews.

Today, brands are expected to have a total sense of transparency, and with today’s social media and review sites, there is no way of escaping it. Consumers like to know that your brand isn’t perfect. They want to know there are humans behind the Facebook updates and Tweets they’re reading. They will embrace this humanizing element of your brand.

Is your brand Flawsome?


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