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Brand Identity: Do you have it?

Brand Identity is the ‘combined effect of visual elements in your marketing materials’. So what exactly does brand identity include? Your brand identity includes anything that has the company’s name on it.

Ok, that’s a simplified version. Your brand identity is your company’s promise to the consumer. Your title, logo and content are the visuals of promises you keep. Your brand should make a customer feel a certain way or offer a special experience that’s keeps them coming back as loyal supporters.

So does your brand and logo symbolize a promise or specific experience? If you’re unable to decipher the story or message your brand identity tells then its time to unclog your those pores and give your company’s brand a little facial.

Your brand identity has the ability to personify your business. Think of your business as a personality. Your brand is the company’s essence. It’s like how we have specific tastes in fashion or entertainment. Is your brand über modern and cool, like Apple, or is it retro and old fashioned (which is OK, too) like Coca Cola? Defining who you are is crucial. The last thing you want is for your brand to have an identity crisis!

The key to successful brand identity is that it be unique, clear and resolute. You want your brand to be unique, so that it is not confused with competitors; clear, so that people understand what your business is about; and resolute, through its use of graphics, colors and types.

Make sure your brand identity is honest and consistent. Your brand must be unwavering in its purpose and promise. Thoughtfully choosing your brand identity early in the game prevents you from constantly changing it throughout the life of your business, which can often confuse clients and resonate a sense of instability. However, don’t be afraid if after a few years your brand needs a facelift. As times change, your brand may need to evolve. Whether you are in the beginning stages of discovering your brand identity, or in need of a little nip and tuck, we can help you find or rediscover your company’s essence.

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