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Announcing The Frederick Factor Podcast!

Anyone who lives in, works in, or has visited Frederick, Maryland knows that there’s just something… special about this community.

Two years ago, I got the idea for a project called The Frederick Factor. The purpose was to explore: What’s that “THING” that makes Frederick so special? What is the “Frederick Factor”?

This idea started as a website project where we’d be sharing video interviews of Frederick locals who share their stories. Since then, it’s evolved. Over the past two years, the PPR Strategies team has been working on several projects related to diversity, equity, and inclusion for businesses and organizations in Maryland and beyond. We decided that we want to be a part of the conversation on creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Frederick.

And so, the Frederick Factor has evolved into a podcast with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each episode is highlighting the stories and voices of people from different backgrounds, races, orientations, and experiences in Frederick, Maryland.

Today, Episode 0 of the Frederick Factor Podcast is LIVE! You can listen here!

In today’s intro episode, we’re sharing more of the story behind how the Frederick Factor came to be.

New episodes are released every Thursday, and there are 12 episodes in the first season.

To listen to new episodes, you can:

Tune in, celebrate with us, and explore… What’s YOUR Frederick Factor?

‘Til next time,

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