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Senior Content Writer

Hannah Clawson

Content makes the world go around and Hannah is more than happy to help it spin! 

As Senior Content Writer, she meticulously crafts all written pieces for PPR’s clientele. Whether it is long-form narratives or concise short-form messaging, Hannah revels in the art of utilizing storytelling as a catalyst to bolster growing communities. From blog posts and ad copy to SEO-driven website content, her passion lies in sharing each entity’s story to engage stakeholders and accomplish client’s economic development goals.

With a rich background spanning nearly a decade in the cultural heritage and historic preservation space, Hannah understands well how a location’s history can influence and propel a vibrant future. Her experience in a wide variety of marketing initiatives gives her a comprehensive understanding of client’s needs on the whole, while allowing her to create impactful, audience-focused messaging which address smaller-scale needs and keeps the overall marketing goals at the forefront. A native of Maryland, Hannah holds a B.A. in Communications with a focus in public relations and journalism from Robert Morris University.

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Favorite part of her job: Delving into new projects and finding a compelling angle to present client’s stories. 

Professionals Superpowers: Transforming even the blandest of information into well-written, engaging prose. 

Personal Superpowers: Incorporating accents into everyday conversations.

Her favorite things: ‘70s music; independent coffee shops; well-written TV shows; nurturing house plants (yet somehow still killing them); spending time with family; music recommendations; learning new skills; Elton John; spontaneous road trips; nature walks; boba tea; and all things vintage.

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Hannah Clawson

Senior Content Writer

Content makes the world go around and Hannah is more than happy to help it spin! 

As Senior Content Writer, she meticulously crafts all written pieces for PPR’s clientele.

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Larry Twele


With over 25 years of service in state and local economic development agencies, Lawrence has experience in economic development strategy, legislative policy, entrepreneurship, and community development.

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