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6 Online Tools PPR Strategies Can’t Live Without

There are some online tools that are simply indispensable to the PPR Strategies team. Here are six tools that save us time, and sometimes, our sanity.


Dropbox is probably the most used tool in the PPR Strategies office. It is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization, which means we can work from virtually anywhere on the planet. And it’s easy to share with others, too!

Constant Contact is an email marketing, event marketing, online survey and social media marketing tool that helps small businesses with their online communication efforts. Even better, new users get a free 60-day trial.

YouSendIt is a lifesaver in our office. Everyday we send photos, videos, and other large files to people we work with.  Not only do we need the ability to send large files, we need to make sure the other party can download them. Enter YouSendIt. YouSendIt allows users to securely share content, sign documents and access files from any computer.


If you’ve felt more creative while working from a coffee shop, you’re not alone. The folks at Coffitivity did their research and found that moderate ambient noise helps enhance creative cognition. This virtual solution streams coffee shop sounds to help get your juices flowing. Even cooler? Connect with iTunes to combine it with your music. It helps me get into the zone every day!


Vocus is a web-based software for public relations. Vocus gives us the tools necessary to connect media contacts and build lasting relationships with them. It also allows us to easily create targeted media lists and distribute press releases for our clients. This is a must have tool for all PR pros.

HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses. HootSuite allows us to access various social media outlets for various clients all in one spot.

There you have it folks, the six online tools PPR Strategies can’t live without. So now tell us, what tools are indispensable in your office?


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