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5 LinkedIn Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

LinkedIn is a very business-oriented social network and a place to build connections with other professionals. People are going to LinkedIn during the work day, and so they are very business-focused, reading and sharing industry-related articles and topics. LinkedIn is a great place to start a relationship with someone professionally that you haven’t met, but may have a mutual colleague or acquaintance.

In this 6-part blog series, you’ll get social media strategies for Economic Development Organizations on the top platforms. Today, we’re breaking down key strategies for expanding your audience and getting more leads via LinkedIn.

30 Social Media Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

#1: Create a Company Page

I suggest that EDOs all have company page and repurpose blog content on that page. It’s an opportunity to regularly put out consistent branding content. And it’s easier for team to share and like as well. So staff doesn’t have to constantly come up with new content, helping them repurpose it.

#2: Optimize Your Profile

You’ll need a great headline, professional headshot, and to flesh out the content so you can fully tell a story about yourself. You’ll need your job description and About Me to be fully fleshed out.

#3: Join Industry Groups

There are a lot of industry groups in LinkedIn. You can join groups, read content, participate and add value in these discussions. It’s important to be customer-focused and providing value, versus being too salesy. You can also utilize the industry groups to find out what people’s needs, pain points, and challenges are. You can learn more about the industry and passively get involved in LinkedIn groups.

#4: Repurpose Content On Your Page

LinkedIn is a great place to repurpose blog content into LinkedIn articles. You can also post blogs from your website onto LinkedIn to direct traffic to your website. If you are a larger organization, you can post an article on your blog on your website, and then share on LinkedIn and have members of your office or team also share it.

Another type of content to repurpose is any powerpoints you have created. You can make these into SlideShare to post your presentation content easily for your LinkedIn network.

#5: Like and Share Posts

When you “like” a post, it will show up on other people’s feeds that you liked it. That can draw people back to your page. You can also share other people’s posts.

Quickly grow your network through spending 30 minutes a day every day on LinkedIn. You can check who has viewed your profile every day and use that as opportunity to reach out to people and engage in conversation.

30 Social Media Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

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