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What’s in a blog?

Why most companies effectively reach clients through blogging

In a world where customer service is now treated through Facebook comments and tweeting followers, another successful tool to show how much your company cares about its customers is through blogging.


Blogging, a type of online journalism, is a free service or page added to your website. It’s an informal way to communicate with your customers about your business.  Some companies post detailed information about events while others ask for feedback on a product.  Both examples enable customers to view what’s important to the business while engaging them to actively participate in making your service or product even better.  A blog is a great sounding board.  Even Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, responded to customer comments through the company’s blog.


A blog is more personable and accessible to the Internet public than any other type of digital communication.  A company obviously can’t reach out to every single customer who leaves a comment on the website,  but just like Zuckerberg, the impact created by the top leader response creates good PR when an overwhelming outpour of discontent exists, needs to be addressed, explains why the incident happened and shows how the company will do better in the future.


In today’s world of social media, small and large businesses know they need to BE online; however,  care must occur when responding or not responding to customer feedback.  Media monitoring of products and brands is a key measure to evaluate what is being said and by whom.  How to handle these comments can begin within a company blog.


Go ahead.  Your company can do this.  Sign up with Tumblr, WordPress or the thousands of other blogging resources available online. It’s time to start an online conversation with your customers.

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