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What if…?

Recently I went to a talk led by my friend Julie Gaver, a keynote and motivational speaker, workshop host, and all-around truly amazing woman!

I’ve known Julie for years and really got to know her going through Leadership Maryland together.

Julie’s recent talk was called “Wise Women, Wild Hearts.” The event was organized and hosted by our friend Karen Coyne, a financial advisor based in Hagerstown. Karen brought a group of 30 women together for this inspirational event which raised awareness for Julie’s charity, Soles of Love. (And they collected 23 pairs of shoes to give to children in need!)

There were many great takeaways from the event, and one that stuck with me was the idea of “What if…?”

Julie challenged us to write “What if…” all the way down a piece of paper, and then fill it in. The idea is to fill it in with those big visions that might seem a little far out of reach, and imagine what could happen if you actually took action on them.

I found that just the act of writing down these ideas was a way to gauge what gets you the most excited, what your true priorities are, and where you might want to invest your time and energy.

This exercise also had me thinking about all of my clients and all of their “what ifs”.  All too often, we hold ourselves back and don’t fully explore the possibilities. So today I want to prompt you to do this exercise yourself and brainstorm what your “what ifs” might be…

For example…

What if I launch a podcast?
What if I redo my website?
What if I exhibit at a conference or trade show so I could reach new clients?
What if I decide to get really active on Instagram?

I’d love to hear your discoveries from this exercise! Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below!

‘Til next time,

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