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We’ve moved!

Exciting news! PPR Strategies has moved to a new office space!

Our new address is:

50 Citizen Way, Suite 403-1B
Frederick, MD 21701

We’ve moved into a much larger space, which we’re sharing with our friends & collaborators over at Octavo Designs. As you might guess, we moved into a larger space so that we could safely socially distance and also have better airflow.

After working remotely for the past several months, I’m happy to be creating an office environment which can support us to thrive. We each have standing desks so that we can go between sitting and standing during the day. We’re also thrilled to have a private podcast room which is a dedicated space for recording webinars, videos, or audio.

Did I mention we’re also creating a coffee, tea, and happy hour bar?

It’s been exciting to be safely together in the same room again after all of these months of working remotely. Our team grew during COVID, and this is the first time we’ve been able to all work together in person! We’re already enjoying being able to communicate across the room and bounce ideas off one another during the day. 

Of course, we’re taking the proper precautions as suggested by the CDC, such as wearing masks when guests arrive. We’ll continue to adjust as needed in the hybrid remote/in-person office environment.

We look forward to everything we will be creating for you in this new space!

‘Til next time,

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