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Top 5 EDO Website Non-Negotiables

Today, I’ve got a gift for you!

Have you ever wondered if you might be losing prospects and customers due to an outdated website? What are the most important updates you should make?

We’re making it super easy for you to make the necessary website updates with our new guide, “The 5 EDO Website Non-Negotiables”… And it is FREE for you!

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 non-negotiables every Economic Development Website should have
  • How to get more prospects to give you their email address upon visiting your website
  • Simple ways to follow up with a new contact and make a powerful impression
  • How to improve the “look” of your website — no matter what your budget is
  • The 3 key points to justify website upgrades to your stakeholders

Get it now! (It’s free) »


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