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Guest Blog: The Inside Scoop From PPR Strategies Interns

In the past few newsletters, we’ve been sharing what we’ve learned about running a successful Internship Program at PPR Strategies. Today, we’re taking you even more behind the scenes with a guest blog written by one of our interns, Maura Winston. In it, Maura shares what she learned in the exit interviews for our other recent interns, Kelli and Brian.

PPR Strategies Interns – Maura, Kelli, and Brian

Hi! My name is Maura Winston. I’ve learned so much through my opportunity to be a Public Relations intern at PPR Strategies.

I recently had the chance to sit in on an exit interview with Kelli Ramussen and Brian Melendez, two college students finishing up their internship with PPR Strategies. To say that Kelli and Brian learned a lot from this experience would be an understatement.

Sophie Smith, Director of Operations at PPR Strategies, held the exit interview and asked some intriguing questions about their experience during the internship. Some of the questions asked were:

“Was your experience what you expected?” 

Kelli explained that she didn’t quite know what to expect, but that PPR Strategies exceeded her expectations. Brian explained that there were many resources available and such good preparation for this internship.

“How has the internship prepared you for your future plans?” 

Kelli explained that she is now much more familiar with the uses of social media and how to incorporate the skills she’s learned into her future career. Brian explained that he was able to get more involved with leadership and content creation and now has a true understanding of economic development. He looks forward to using this information to find solutions in his future career.

Kelli expressed how she truly appreciated the freedom that she got to be able to tap into her own potential and take things in her own direction with this internship. Brian was able to keep up with time management by realizing how much time and effort should be spent on each task, how long in advance to start a task, and how to prioritize.

I had the opportunity to ask Kelli and Brian a few questions – one of them being what their favorite part about this internship was. For Kelli, she loved the organization, quick response time when she had a question, and the comfort in knowing that she had guidance and help along the whole journey. For Brian, he loved the meetings, flexibility, and the opportunity to absorb information that he’ll be able to use in his future endeavors.

Brian and Kelli are heading into their senior year of college and expressed multiple times that this internship was an amazing opportunity for them to broaden their horizons and really tap into their full potential for their future careers.

They gave me great advice on how to be successful and proactive in my internship. I’ve only been with PPR Strategies for about a month now, and can already attest that this is truly an amazing opportunity. Plus, you get to work with really awesome people!

Thanks, Maura, for your guest blog and for giving our newsletter readers a peek inside the PPR Strategies Internship experience!

‘Til next time,
The PPR Strategies Team

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