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Struggle With Creating Regular Content?

I always push for clients to write regular blog content and newsletter content. For several clients, we’ll write their content for them on a very regular basis with the help of an Editorial Calendar. It works out so beautifully. We know every week and every month what we need to be writing. We can pace out when we are going to sit down and crank out some fun content.

But from a PPR Strategies content perspective, oftentimes, I find myself on more of a rollercoaster ride. There are times I can crank out four blogs in a week and schedule them over the next month. Other times, there’s a two-month hiatus where I don’t publish anything!

I was in a really nice rhythm at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, because I was really excited about my new product launch. I created a 30-day challenge, and was putting out lots of content regularly on social media.

After we did the launch, I took a little breather, which then became a week and a half where I went quiet on social media and to my list. Now, my efforts have been focused on other things (I haven’t been on vacation!) But I needed to find new inspiration for another blog or newsletter.

We all hit times in our life throughout the month or week where we know what we need to be doing, but might not be feeling the motivational push to do it. We can then feel a bit guilty or embarrassed by not doing everything “perfectly.” And that can get in our way of just getting started again!

I am here to give you permission to let it be okay with what you have or haven’t done in the past… The beauty of every day is we get to wake up and start new!

So here I am starting new, and recommitting myself to more regular blogs and newsletters!

I’ve never wanted to be a weekly blogger because the pressure did not excite me. But I love the results that happen when I do. And so I’m putting out the challenge to myself to put out weekly content that you find valuable and worthwhile!

So, with that, I’d like to pose a question. What would you like to know about? If you could pick my brain on a topic, what would you like to pick my brain about? Hit reply and let me know — you might just see the answer in an upcoming newsletter. 🙂

‘Til next time,


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