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Thoughts As We Prepare for Our PPR Strategies Team Retreat

This weekend, the PPR Strategies team is coming together for our team retreat to do some strategic planning for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. This is our time to “practice what we preach” and do what we help our clients to do!

It’s so important to take time outside of the “doing” to strategize and brainstorm plans for the year ahead. It’s also important to review your mission, vision, and value statements and refresh them as needed, as well as reviewing your website to make sure the information and messaging is still accurate.

Gathering together is also an opportunity for building relationships within the team and taking time to review individual professional development goals. We’ll be doing this at our retreat so that we can come up with ways to support one another collectively with those goals. (By the way, we’re always looking to add new talent to the team at PPR Strategies… If you’re interested in learning about opportunities here for economic development professionals, contact us.)

So, how about you and your organization? It’s still early in the fiscal year. Where are you with your strategic plan?

Do you have a strategic plan, or do you still need one?
Does the plan you have need some extra attention?
Are team members reviewing the plan and accountable to it every week?
Do you and team members have a way to make sure that you’re completing the tasks and getting the work done?

There’s still time to come up with your strategic plan if you haven’t done so yet. Make sure that it isn’t just checked off the box! Once you have your plan, you can schedule quarterly check-ins to review your progress as the year goes by.

We’ll look forward to sharing more about our discoveries after the team retreat.

‘Til next time,

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