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Sometimes, you have to have a little fun

A few weeks ago, Sandy Dubay, Founder of PPR Strategies, decided we all needed to recharge our batteries. I think she was right. Sometimes, you just have to have a little fun.

We took an overnight trip to beautiful Garrett County, Maryland, home to the popular weekend getaway Deep Creek Lake. The county is also home to Wisp resort (where we stayed overnight) and Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI). It is the world’s only mountaintop whitewater course, and it was where we decided to spend the day.

Three of our team members, including Sandy, Salle and Meg, along with the amazing Octavo team, Sue, Seth and Cory, had an amazing time rafting on the man-made river

Afterward, our faces hurt from smiling so much. My throat even hurt a little from screaming so much. I think a few of us even got whacked in the head by a paddle a few times. Was it worth it? Totally! The people of Garrett County were welcoming and helpful. When Cory and Sue fell off the raft and into the water, our guide was quick to the rescue. We were told it was a right of passage; so naturally, we jumped in as well for a little body surfing in the rapids.


It’s safe to say that afterwards, we all felt refreshed and even a little closer to each other. So what about you? How do you and your colleagues recharge your batteries?


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