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Snapchat for Business

We all know that there’s power in marketing on social media. Your organization might have pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or more! And maybe, you occasionally post, but aside from that — you aren’t sure what to do to actually see results. Have you thought about snapchat for business?

In addition, there are always new social media networks popping up. So how do you know what site you should be using? And how can you be successful on them?

There are key strategies you can use when marketing on social media — and they’re true on every network. I’ll illustrate that through sharing how we led social media campaigns for two of our clients on Snapchat.

Snapchat  for Business

On Snapchat, you can post photos or videos which can be edited to include filters, effects, and text captions. The photos or videos (also called “snaps”) are only available for 24 hours, leaving no “Internet trail” behind. Snapchat is especially popular for millennials and younger, who enjoy the app that most of their parents have not discovered yet!

One way to advertise on Snapchat is to create filters is through geolocation, which allows you to choose exactly which location your filters will show up in. You can then include the company logo on the filter, which people in that targeted location will see as a filter option.

Our client Orr’s Farm Market wanted to engage their visitors and get them posting photos of fruit and vegetables on social media.

So we created a special filter for them that people would discover in places like the strawberry field, as it was strawberry season!

This way, we were able to engage a slightly younger demographic who might be strawberry picking with their family, encouraging them to have fun with it and share “snaps” online.

Our client Jefferson Security Bank (JSB) wanted to create more awareness of their bank among millennials attending Shepherd University. They’d had a long partnership with this university, and wanted more students to sign up for accounts.

JSB had been unable to reach this market using traditional advertising methods. We suggested a social media campaign on Snapchat.

Students were just coming back to school and football season was coming up. So we created some “Welcome Back to School!” filters, as well as “game day” filters which would appear around campus during football games.

We also tried using the location of the dorm room, but discovered that students weren’t actively posting there. So we modified the campaign to focus our resources on campus areas where students were more active on Snapchat.

The bank was thrilled to see that the filters were popular amongst students, and they increased the awareness of the bank throughout the student body.

Here are a few key takeaways from these campaigns:

When marketing on social media, it’s not about the social networks that you want to use, it’s about the social networks your target customer is using.

Even though Facebook is the most popular social media site worldwide, the place to reach millennials is Snapchat, so that’s where we focused these campaigns.

By trying something new, and being willing to invest a little bit of money into design and ad placement, both companies were able to see results with a demographic they’d been unable to reach before.

Many of us have some tried and true marketing strategies we’ve used for ages. But as technology continues to evolve, so do the habits of our customers. It’s important to try new things — and make the investments toward doing it the right way.

Social media (and any marketing effort) is not a “one-and-done” deal. It requires a strategy and plan, where you’re learning and making tweaks to the plan as you go along.

We made adjustments to our strategies as we went along and saw what was working and what doesn’t. By giving your marketing this attention, you’ll be able to put your resources to the best possible use. Will you use Snapchat for business?

Now, I’d love to hear from you!

Has your organization ever had a focused social media campaign?

Which sites are your organization using?

What else would you like to know about marketing on social media?

Write back and let me know!

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