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Small budget? Think regionally.

Has your organization ever been guilty of just “checking things off the list” when it comes to your marketing efforts?

You know what I’m talking about…

  • Placing the same ad in a site selection magazine that you created 5 years ago without updating or redoing the content
  • Using the same few pictures in everything you do
  • Maintaining the status quo without trying anything new…

Now, when you’re working with a low budget, you might feel like your hands are tied.

But while you might not be able to change your current budget, you DO have options…

They just require you to think creatively and collaborate with others.

Ever heard of “power in numbers”? Start thinking regionally, as a collective whole, rather than only as your county.

By aligning with other counties in your region, you can work together to promote the entire region on a larger level. You can pool your resources so that you can host events together and travel to events. You can get more eyes on your community while differentiating yourself from counties, states, and regions across the world.

Think of successful regions all over the country, like the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore or Silicon Valley!

By collaborating together, you can create a larger pool of potential businesses, business talent, and visitors.

Here are some ways to build collaborations:

  • Do some regional outreach and reach out to EDOs in nearby counties.
  • Partner with another county to exhibit collectively at trade shows.
  • Create a regional website that tells everyone’s stories and highlights the entire labor pool. (Commuters don’t look at county lines or state lines when looking for job opportunities.)
  • Host an event together. While you can only have it in one location, you could do tours in multiple counties.

At the end of the day, putting in some creative efforts to collaborate could create new and long-term results for your county.

Ever considered collaborating or working as a collective whole? Leave a comment down below and share your experience with me!

‘Til next time,

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