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Simple ways to shake things up for more creativity

The other day, I got into the car, and after 5 minutes of driving, I realized that I wasn’t taking my normal route to that particular destination. It felt weird and different!

I’m not sure why I ended up going a different route, but it got me thinking about how often we get stuck in patterns of “sameness”.

We post the same types of content on social media.
We send the same newsletters on the same days.
We provide the same offerings for our clients.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can be beneficial to shake things up and break patterns and routines.

When we change a pattern, it opens up space for new opportunities and new experiences – in personal life, work, or creatively.

Here are a few simple ways you can break patterns and shake things up:

Take a different route.

Try modifying your drive to work, or even finding a different path from your car to your desk in the morning. When you take a different route, you can see new things and experience different feelings and thoughts.

Get into nature.

Taking a walk outside in nature is a great way to get a fresh perspective.

Eat something different for lunch.

Do you eat the same meal for lunch every day? Try something new, and notice what it’s like to taste something different!

Change up your routine when you open your computer.

For example, if checking email is the first thing you do when you sit at your desk in the morning, try waiting until lunchtime and see what you can do in that space to let your mind wander and explore.

While routines can be really helpful, it’s also important to push the envelope a little and mix things up. In the comment section below, let me know how it goes shaking up your patterns!

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