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Louisa County Chamber of Commerce – Virginia

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In recent months, people have virtually connected like never before, but have largely disconnected from the world around them. The Louisa County, Virginia Chamber of Commerce wanted to change that. Using Lake Anna as a focal point, the Chamber wanted to engage visitors with the businesses, attractions, and culture of Louisa County.

We developed a large-scale marketing campaign concept called “Unplug and Play,” in tandem with the Virginia Tourism “Share What You Love” campaign, encouraging visitors to do just that. The campaign would offer business discounts, deals, and free items or experiences to visitors. Visitors would register for “Deals Packs,” pick up their packs at businesses around town, and enjoy itineraries that highlighted shopping, dining, and recreation along the way.

This multi-channel campaign would be effective, but it was costly. Brand development and advertising were too expensive for the Chamber to handle by itself. So PPR Strategies had a plan: businesses could pool their marketing dollars to pay for tactics that would benefit all. This approach would yield better exposure and return on investment.

The campaign, which ran from May – October 2021, was a resounding success. Foot traffic to the shops, restaurants, and recreation venues that participated in the campaign increased. The power of many is stronger than the power of one, and collectivism is a winning strategy. While businesses have emerged from the campaign financially stronger, their ties to each other are stronger as well. Satisfied businesses attract new ones, and the cycle of business development continues.

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