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Need support preparing for the upcoming fiscal year?

Here we are – at the end of a fiscal year!

At this point, you’ve put together your budget for the upcoming year. Now, how are you strategically putting together your marketing plan?

In order to see the results you want, you need to be strategic about your process.

One way to do that is to look at current marketing trends, including those outside of economic development – whether they’re related to social media, advertising, or trade shows.

Another way to be strategic is to get some outside feedback and perspective! The more heads you can have for an initial brainstorm, the better. Why sit there with a blinking cursor staring at you when you can call in some support?

These are the kinds of conversations we’re having every day in the office. If you’d like to brainstorm around your unique challenge, I’m happy to hop on the phone and have a call with you.

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