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Valley Craft Network

Art and culture are both wonderful ways to drive community engagement and inspire creativity. Within the scenic region of the Middletown and Pleasant Valley areas of western Maryland are a wealth of professional artisans and craftspeople who specialize in skills, traditional crafts, and unique gifts.

Valley Craft Network (VCN) was formed in 1981 to provide an alternative format for a group of professional craftspeople in the Middletown and Pleasant Valley areas to display and market high-quality craft items to the public. Annually, the weekend before Thanksgiving, the network of VCN artisans invites local community members and visitors to tour their studios to get an inside look at creative processes, view and purchase locally crafted art, and meet the artists to learn about their inspirations.

Ahead of their 42nd annual studio tour in 2023, VCN hired PPR Strategies to help create awareness around the tour and help showcase the participating artisans.

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PPR Strategies drafted a press release and a series of individualized pitches to secure placements and interviews in print, digital, and broadcast media. The 42nd Annual Valley Craft Studio Tour successfully captured regional media attention, totaling over 10 placements on local calendars and regional publications. 

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*Photo Credit: Valley Craft Network

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