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Stafford County Economic Development and Tourism, Virginia

Case Study Stafford County
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“Watch your tone.”

In childhood, this phrase was the precursor to the loss of tv privileges or access to a favorite technology tool (insert game system, flip phone, or iPod here). In the realm of marketing and branding, the impact that tone has on audience engagement can result in a fate far worse than the Walkman endured.

Eager to strike the right tone in its website copy, Stafford County Economic Development asked us to communicate the energy pulsing through the region. Home to the second fastest-growing population in Virginia, Stafford County was a prime location for innovation and business attraction, but they needed to showcase their call to action. With quality copy, persuasive language, and convincing data, PPR Strategies helped Stafford County Economic Development elevate its regional profile and improve SEO.

The tone established on the Stafford County Tourism website was equally important but entirely different. Home to unique historic and recreational experiences, Stafford wanted to polish its “hidden gem” status. A departure from the business-forward tone employed on the Economic Development website, copy was conversational and cheeky. With relatable language, puns, and reader asides, the copy highlighted the wonders hiding in plain sight, bringing the reader in on the “secrets” of Stafford’s abundance.

As a tipping point, tone makes or breaks audience engagement. Word choice, punctuation, data presentation, and pacing keep destinations fresh and front of mind, not dusty and forgotten. So, when you’re deciding on the right response—to a parent or to key publics—tone matters, so choose those words wisely!

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