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Orange County Economic Development and Tourism, Virginia

Case Study Orange County
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As a PR firm specializing in economic development and tourism, we immerse ourselves in the narrative. We experience it before we sell it. If we advertise a whitewater adventure, we board the raft and embrace the rush. If we promote rural tourism, we roast s’mores and rough it in the wild.

This experiential approach brought us to Orange County, Virginia. Sometimes confused for its California counterpart, Orange County Tourism needed a distinct identity. Rich with woodlands, wineries and charm, Orange County had four seasons of promise, but the brand lacked polish.

We first developed a suite of identity materials. The logo was clean and colors were subtle. Simplicity appealed to discerning travelers and no-frills adventurers.

A new tourism website was the next step. Playful copy and intuitive design put attributes front and center. Serial blog posts placed history, culture, and adventures in the spotlight.

Liking what they saw, Orange County Economic Development requested support with their strategic plan. Our economic development experience helped surveys, interviews, and meetings proceed smoothly. Our writing kept the destination clear.

Over the last year, PPR Strategies helped Orange County Tourism and Economic Development rise to the occasion. A Consumer Confidence Campaign, complete with blogs and videos, raised revenue in a time of uncertainty. Media outreach celebrated resiliency.

PPR Strategies has a collective “it” factor: we do it, then we learn from it. We’re economic developers, writers, tourists, adrenaline seekers, foodies, and small-town folk. Authenticity—and the willingness to try the unknown—drives results.

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