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The Maryland Innovation Center

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The Maryland Innovation Center (MIC) is the nerve center of the innovation community in Howard County. Run by the Howard County Economic Development Authority, the MIC is a business incubator designed to help entrepreneurs launch big ideas and transform the marketplace. Boasting world-class collaboration space, devoted mentors, and an ecosystem of support, positioning the MIC in front of the right audiences is everything. PPR Strategies is proud to shape the trajectory.

Acting as marketing advisors, PPR Strategies helps the MIC attract new and growing businesses, energizing the creative culture all the while. Guiding every internal strategy and external touchpoint, we design every interaction to increase calls-to-action, in person, print, or on digital platforms.

Knowing that the website anchors an entire brand, we continue to evaluate the MIC’s website for effectiveness. The first iteration of the website was on-brand with design and tone, but it needed to articulate its scope of services to existing and prospective stakeholders. By adding subpages and new copy detailing programs, benefits, mentors, and resources available, PPR Strategies brings clarity and cohesion to the brand.

Designed to bring members and stakeholders into the fold, the MIC’s events roster is vibrant and value-added. From business basics to skills for creatives, pitch competitions to cyber awareness, the offerings touch every aspect of entrepreneurship. The events and workshops are practical and fun, so PPR Strategies adds social media energy to match. Taking a segmented approach to social media and email marketing, PPR Strategies improves event attendance and engagement in all things MIC.

Keeping with the MIC’s relatable voice and straightforward delivery, PPR Strategies employs shotgun and surgical approaches in member recruitment. By analyzing the methods that work and rethinking the ones that don’t, PPR Strategies helps the MIC identify new outreach methods with impact.

So far, the response to our tactics is affirming. Digital testimonials sharing success stories, mentorship spotlights, and “shout outs” to existing partners create intended buzz. Online, we’re creating a space for celebration, giving the entrepreneurs the bragging rights that are due.

Blending best practices, fresh execution methods, and a dash of experimentation, PPR Strategies helps the MIC find – and support – its target audiences. Taking cues from the entrepreneurs who inspire us, we’re blazing new trails with our skill sets and mindsets, and making new discoveries as we go.

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