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Goochland County in Virginia is home to adventure and experiences. Whether you are seeking a relaxing weekend, immersing yourself in nature, a weekend away with your best friends or partner, or family fun, Goochland is home to so many one-of-a-kind experiences! To help draw attention to the rural gems, local restaurants, and businesses, Goochland County Tourism put together a series of six ‘Get Away To Goochland’ itineraries to help inspire tourism activity and pay homage to their lovely community.

The itineraries consist of A Heritage Route With Heart created for day-trippers seeking historic charm and homegrown authenticity; A Guys Day Out In Goochland created for a guys’ getaway; Girls Just Want To Have Fun in Goochland created for the perfect girls’ trip filled with unique experiences; Family Memories Are Made in Goochland filled with activities that offer nostalgic family fun; A Dog-Friendly Day Out In Goochland for those looking to travel with their furry best friend; and Cozy Couple Getaway in Goochland for the couple looking to escape the outside world and rediscover the warmth of togetherness.

To help market these itineraries and the local gems of the community, Goochland County Tourism outsourced marketing and public relations support with PPR Strategies. The core challenge was effectively communicating Goochland County’s appeal as a day trip destination for these varied demographics. The campaign needed to highlight the distinct experiences each itinerary offered, ensuring they resonated with the targeted groups while also showcasing the overall charm and appeal of Goochland County. 

To accomplish this goal, PPR Strategies crafted individualized pitches that were then personalized for outreach efforts to regional and national print, digital, and broadcast media. As a result, the itineraries were featured on West Virginia Public Broadcasting, a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate telling the story of West Virginia (and surrounding areas). Media coverage further amplified the campaign’s reach, increasing awareness of Goochland County as a desirable day trip destination.

Additionally, to promote the itineraries, PPR Strategies formulated an advertising campaign strategically utilizing Facebook and Instagram, leveraging a combination of advertising formats to maximize engagement and reach. The campaign featured a combination of Boosted Posts, Carousel Ads, and Single Image Ads. Social media engagement metrics showed a significant rise in interactions, shares, and itinerary inquiries. 

PPR Strategies also worked with Goochland County Tourism to generate trackable links that were utilized during the promotional process to track reach, impressions, and clicks. Trackable links help to monitor interest, track progress, determine which content is favorable, and more. 

Our team also coordinated with Jamie Turner of Turner Photography Studio to capture photos of Goochland businesses and destinations to boost their digital asset inventory, allowing them to have beautiful images to showcase their community.

PPR Strategies is a team of economic developers, marketers, strategists, and creatives each passionate about places that we heartily believe in. We are inspired by the power of community. It is the passion behind the agency to tell your authentic and unique community story and showcase the people and places that make it so special. Tourists can fall in love with your place too.

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