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8 Weeks of Joy: “Popping By” to Say Thanks to Local Retailers

Welcome back to our 8 Weeks of Joy series!

For the 8 weeks leading up to the new year, we’re highlighting different team members who will be sharing something they’re doing that brings them joy or spreads joy to others!

Last week, Hanna shared her joy of experiencing the holidays through the eyes of her three young children.

Today, our Founder and CEO, Sandy, is sharing what brings her joy.

Here’s Sandy…

I recently got to bring some gratitude and joy to local retailers in Frederick and gift them with some salty popped goodness!

I sit on the board of the Downtown Frederick Partnership and am a member of the Business Development Committee, which provides support and resources for businesses to thrive in Downtown Frederick. 

In past years, the Partnership staff has spent the day after Thanksgiving going around to local Frederick businesses and thanking them for being there. It’s a way to let local businesses know how much they’re appreciated and that the Partnership is there to support them.

This year, the Business Development Committee realized that this is a very labor intensive task for the Partnership staff during a really busy time of year. So we jumped in to help. 

The Partnership bought small bags of popcorn from The Original Popcorn House, a local business in Downtown Frederick. On the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving (before things got too crazy), we visited nearly 200 businesses. We thanked them for being there and for the investment they make in our community. 

Personally, I visited 18 businesses. (Here’s a selfie with the owner of Teresa’s Treasures.)

It was a small way to say thank you and spread a little joy this holiday season. The simple act of gratitude brought a big smile to many faces! Every person I encountered was shocked and appreciative of the gesture. 

Along with giving back to retailers by being patrons of their business during the holidays, simply saying “Thank You” also goes a long way. Even a small gesture can make a big impact. 

I invite you to think about the small gestures you can make to thank the retailers and hospitality workers in your community. You never know who could use some support and a little bit of joy.

Reimagining Places With You,
Sandy and the PPR Strategies Team

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