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Not getting the results you want? Try this!

Recently, during a meeting with an organization, I suggested some changes to make in their marketing plan.

The room went quiet with some hesitation and resistance to change.

That’s when I realized something… There’s an idea out there that “If I change the way I’m doing things now, it’s like saying I was wrong in what I was doing before.”

But this mindset holds you back from forward movement!

There are many opportunities in life to “hit reset” in a more “acceptable” manner — like utilizing a new technology at work, starting a new class at school, getting a new boss, or starting a new project.

But every day can be an opportunity to hit reset and try something new.

If you aren’t getting the results you want right now, try something different.

Maybe it’s time to try leading a contest on social media, implementing video into your marketing, or changing up your messaging.

Don’t overanalyze the past. Instead, use what you’ve learned so far (from the “wins” as well as “losses”) to kick butt in the future!

Where can you “hit reset” in your organization and try something new?

Let me know by leaving a comment!

‘Til next time,

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