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My Weekend of Cheese Experiences, a Treehouse, and a Bear!

Recently, I took part in a silent auction/fundraiser and purchased a “Weekend of Cheese Experiences” – it was appropriately titled “The Big Cheese”! Can you imagine anything better than that? 🙂

We stayed in Western Maryland at Ella’s Enchanted Treehouse in Garrett County. It was a gorgeous little “treehouse” tucked into the forest with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and dining area. It was close to all of the attractive amenities and outdoor recreation activities in Garrett County.

The treehouse was elevated 25 feet up from the ground and surrounded by squirrels, deer, birds chirping, and a beautiful deck attached to a walkway bridge. It was awesome inside and out. I’d 100% recommend it!

Over the weekend, we went to Firefly Farms Cheese, and learned how to make kraft cheese. I’ve known the owners, Mike and Pablo, for many years. To see the level of expansion and detail in their process was amazing for me. The experience gave me a next-level appreciation for the care and cleanliness that goes into any food production process. After that, we got to enjoy a cheese and wine pairing with other treats.

Josh, the manager of their new retail store, was in charge of creating this whole tasting experience for us. He was super knowledgeable and lovely. Thanks Josh – well done. 🙂

We also enjoyed a couple of dinner outings over the weekend and visited two state parks in Maryland. This is part of a bigger goal to visit all the Maryland State Parks in 2022 and 2023!

During that part of the adventure, we got a peek at a black bear… or was he peeking at us!

The final part of the Weekend of Cheese was at Mountain State Brewing, where we had a beer and cheese pairing. I’d never thought about pairing beer and cheese, but – it works! They put time and attention into pairing particular beers with cheeses.

It was a fabulous weekend with delicious eats and a lot of fun! It all went against our Whole 30 diet, and so we had to restart it when we got home. It was worth it!!

Have you had any great tourist experiences lately? Contact us to share!

‘Til next time,

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