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My Obsession with Kale, Canning Veggies and Making Jams

Summer is in full swing! And at the Dubay-Sponaugle house, our garden is in full bloom. We’ve got kale, tomatoes, zucchini and more… Just check out the drone video my 17-year-old daughter Tabitha made. 🙂

Tabitha starts the garden by potting seeds in our home, which she nurtures until it’s time to plant them in the garden.

Once it’s harvest time, I spend my nights and weekends in the kitchen canning green beans, making spaghetti sauces with squash and zucchini, and finding creative ways to eat kale!

When I look at at our summer garden, I think about new beginnings.

Each year, no matter how successful or unsuccessful the garden was in the past, we have an opportunity to try again.

It’s a chance to imagine what we’d like to plant in our garden for the year ahead. We can plant new seeds and try out new vegetables.

Oftentimes in business, whether it’s trying a new marketing campaign or creating a new service, it’s a chance for us to look at what we’ve learned from the past and have a fresh new start.

I like to think of this as hitting the “reset” button.

Now that a new fiscal year has rolled around, you have a chance to “hit reset” and step back, refresh, and renew.

What “new seeds” would you like to plant in your marketing in the year ahead?

Perhaps you’ve got a new budget or new team member… what kind of harvest would you like your team to prepare for?

By taking some time to “hit reset”, you can create a fresh start and infuse new energy, passion, and excitement into this new fiscal year.

‘Til next time,

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