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Should we be marketing to Generation Z?

We focus a lot on millennial marketing these days… What about Gen Z? Should Economic Development Organizations be marketing to this generation too?

The short answer is: Yes.

From an Economic Development startup business perspective, we definitely need to be connecting with Gen Z.

Generation Z is literally the next generation of the workforce. They are the demographic of young adults in college now, or just graduating high school now.

Here are a couple of specific situations in which you may want to market to Generation Z:

  • If businesses in your community struggle with the current workforce in the entry-level capacity
  • If you are looking to hire for summer jobs, part-time jobs, or seasonal employment

Also, don’t forget that there are many young students with aspirations to leave college in order to follow the entrepreneurial path… and could use your help as an EDO to be successful with their new ventures.

So what are some ways that you can connect with Gen Z?

To resonate with this audience, create something that blends in with everything else they are already watching, listening, or reading.

For example, you could create short and fun videos that give the appearance of peer-to-peer. Or, you could create and implement a Snapchat Filter campaign, or create an Instagram initiative.

Not sure where to start? Talk to the Generation Z’s in your world. Find out what they are interested in and how they prefer to be communicated with.

By taking time to learn about this up-and-coming generation, you’re more likely to be successfully connect with them both inside your organization and in your marketing.

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