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Manifesting Under the Money Tree

I’m not superstitious, but I do know that the areas in which I invest my time, energy, and mental capacity are often where I see big results. 

About a year ago, I’d done some manifestation challenges and wanted to find a way to drive financial growth in my life and business. Money trees have long symbolized prosperity, abundance, and good luck — while I don’t have a green thumb, I took the leap and bought one to see just what I could manifest for PPR Strategies. 

Taking care of the money tree became a Sunday ritual. As I put ice cubes on its soil (the recommended watering method), I envisioned new clients for PPR Strategies, financial prosperity for our team, and overall positive business growth. By summer, the tree started to thrive. I replanted it in a larger pot, increased the ice cubes per week, and waited for the money to roll in. 😉

Fall came so did life’s distractions. My Sunday manifesting ritual was left to the wayside. In January, my daughter Tabitha took one look at the brown dropping leaves of the tree and asked, “What’s going on with that!?”  

With light waterings and an infusion of love, I began to get back on the good side of my money tree. My time and energy had always been on PPR, but in reviving the tree, I refocused specifically on growing our financial well-being. Within two weeks, not only did PPR have more client work but we started our new 401k program for the team; a big financial security component that I wanted to offer as a business owner to uplevel our team’s benefits. 

Now in April, the tree has at least two new lush and beautiful clumps of growth. 

Green thumb, or not, my focused time and attention produced a positive impact. 

Whether you manifest friendships, a new job, or community growth — good things come to life when we bring our energetic, authentic selves to a project. 

Where are you putting your energy? Need help figuring out where to invest your time for maximum results? 

PPR can help you “water” the areas of your business that you want to grow. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and get the conversation started. 

Reimagining Places With You,
Sandy Dubay, CEcD, and the PPR Strategies Team

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