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Leaping into the New Year

The Shepherdstown Chronicle recently inquired about my resolutions for 2012.  Intrigued?  Give the following article a “twirl” (hint, hint) and keep me accountable:


For those who’ve resolved to manage their time better in 2012, here’s an excerpt:

“I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve been taking tap and ballet classes and my goal is to do the splits,” [Sandy Sponaugle] said.  She also shared that she hopes to try one to two new recipes per week, which could be a very big deal because normally her husband does most of the cooking.

Sponaugle shared that her business goals for PPR Strategies include writing one to two blogs per week, something she says her company does for clients but does not do enough of for themselves.  She also hopes to encourage each of her team members in attaining their personal goals in 2012.

Since it is now mid-January, an update on my progress is in order.  I’ve prepared two new recipes and written three new blogs.  My ballet classes continue and my flexibility improves, but the splits remain a distant fantasy.  While performing in Swan Lake or Cirque du Soleil isn’t on the immediate horizon, no one said I needed to complete my resolutions in the first month!

Admittedly, I’ve been too busy with client projects to connect with my team members on their goals for the year.  I hope to tackle this resolution before the month is out.

Now I’ve shared my resolutions… what about yours?  How can we advance your personal or professional goals in 2012?  Don’t forget, “We are the music makers; we are the dreamers of dreams.”  – Roald Dahl.



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