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As we kick off 2015, I’m changing the way that I do business

So what’s different this year? Frankly, my memory isn’t what it used to be. But what does this have to do with running a business? Practically everything. Taking more time to document projects, create processes and draft expectations can turn a functioning business into a flourishing one. Here’s my short list for my small business in 2015. I’m hopeful that you can implement it, too:

  1. Document policies and procedures. While tedious, documentation keeps your processes consistent, especially when multiple people are working on a project. It’s also helpful for that assignment you don’t do very often. You can dust off your procedures manual and find what you need in a pinch.
  2. Detail expectations. Whenever you’re working on a project or program, clearly state your timeline and anticipated outcome. Throughout the project, communicate often to avoid derailments. This keeps everyone on task—and on the same page.

Teachable moment: I recently completed a project where I had set one expectation in advance. Once we met a goal, new goals were set. This process led to confusion on my team’s behalf—and frustration on my client’s behalf. If you clearly communicate timelines and goals, everyone will better understand what they’re working toward in the end.

3. Measure successes. People love numbers, so measure results regularly. Track sales leads, statistics, click-throughs and event attendance often. If you can detail an impact on your client’s bottom line, you’re delivering positive change for their business—and for yours.

Please follow my lead and start 2015 with a “Platinum” plan for organizational management. Small investments of time boost morale, marketing and moo-la. So bring it, 2015. We’ve got it unlocked.

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