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How to Justify Your Marketing Budget to Elected Officials

It’s the scariest time of the year for Economic Development Organizations — the moment when you must present your marketing budget to directors and officials!

While people in other industries are enjoying beach vacations, lazy days under sun, or backyard barbeques, you’re frantically preparing for this meeting in the mid-summer months.

They’ll review where you’ve spent your marketing dollars, and what results you have gotten.

This moment is so scary because… What will happen if you’re no longer able to justify your marketing budget to directors and elected officials?

Maybe you haven’t tracked results or known how to in the past — and they aren’t seeing any results.

As a result, they could think you don’t need the current budget you have, and make the choice to slash it down to a smaller amount.

One reason this happens is because you might not be sure where you should be putting your marketing budget. Plus, you aren’t sure how exactly to “track results” — with everything else you’ve got going on!

This is SO challenging for EDO’s — and so important to strategically decide where you invest your marketing dollars.

That’s why I’ve developed a course, called Creating Your Prospect Funnel, where you’ll learn the most high-leverage strategies for your marketing, and find out the top places to invest your marketing dollars.

As you learn how to methodically track your results, you’ll be better able to present your budget to directors and officials. Instead of budgets slashed, you could get budgets expanded!

Creating Your Prospect Funnel will be opening up again soon!

Click here and sign up to be notified as soon as the course opens again!

You’ll also receive the checklist: 10 Ways to Shift Perceptions on Your Website — for free!


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