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Just a student

You may not find me blogging very often, but occasionally I come across a person that inspires me to sit down and write. Today this inspiration came in the form of a young woman I met at the Western Veterinary Conference.

The young woman approached the booth I was working. In a voice so quiet that it was almost a whisper, she asked me something. As I asked her to repeat herself, I leaned in closer. “I thought you mailed me something,” she said. “I’m just a student”. After closer examination of her nametag, I realized I probably hadn’t mailed her anything, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I wasn’t surprised by her answer of “I’m just a student”.

It’s something I hear too often: People who are embarrassed about their job, title or employment status. Having worked with this segment of the veterinary industry for over four years, I’m very used to seeing individuals who feel embarrassed because they are not a ____________ (fill in blank with “more impressive” job title).

This young woman is not just a student; she is a veterinary technician student. She, just like others, selected this career path because of her love of animals and desire to spend her days caring for them. It’s an important service she’ll be providing. Her expertise will be invaluable and her passion will get her there.

All that I ask is that you stand tall and be proud of your career accomplishments, whether you are a student, veterinary technician, or other title you have chosen for yourself.



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