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It’s All About Swagger: Charles County, Maryland

When we met Charles, we swiped right and never looked back. The courtship between PPR Strategies and the Charles County Economic Development Department in Maryland began slowly, but the connection was instant. Located 30 minutes from Washington, D.C., Charles had enviable assets, but didn’t turn heads. Affordable real estate, access to key markets and talent were selling points, but they didn’t strut convincingly. With 20 years of economic development and tourism marketing under our belts, we showed Charles how to walk the walk.

The first collaboration was a business attraction and relocation brochure. Compelling copy, clean design and focused distribution resulted in new leads. Charles walked taller, flush with new prospects.

The trajectory from a casual to a committed relationship was quick. With capabilities ranging from event planning to consensus-building, we added value to many conversations. When the Economic Development Department sought targeted content for their 2016 Fall Meeting, we were their first phone call. Whether developing the agenda, refining talking points, printing table tents or pitching to the media, we undertook any task to achieve results.

PPR Strategies assumed a seat at the table after that large-scale success. Contracted as the Economic Development Department marketing adviser, we brought new perspectives and platforms into the mix. In the technological realm, we reimagined their website, refined social media outreach and harnessed the power of advertising. All the while, we kept it personal. Our Tools for Business Growth Workshop Series gave small businesses personalized support for their goals. Blogs highlighted the brick-and-mortar heroes along Main Street.

Promoting small towns, like those in Charles County, is a passion project. Our team of economic developers, content specialists and spokespeople are experts in community renewal. In a COVID-19 landscape, this experience brings results. In 2020, we brought Charles County into people’s homes. Our Tools, Tips and Tactics Webinars pointed businesses to the recovery resources available. Our Consumer Confidence Campaign, a series of video testimonials and blogs with a human-interest angle, brought shoppers back into the community.

Being open—to new audiences, platforms and ideas—makes the relationship with Charles a success. Our tactics inspire swagger, one county at a time.

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