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Happy holidays! (+ ideas for making the most of the downtime)

Happy holidays from PPR Strategies!

Hope that you’re enjoying some restful times during the holidays… between food comas and last-minute shopping runs! 🙂

Here at PPR Strategies, our offices are closed from December 24th to January 1st.

I like to give this holiday time to my employees – and to my myself! So that on January 2nd, I’m not just excited to be back in the office – I’m *anxious* to get started again.

This is also a great window of time to close out 2018 and prep for the new year.

For example: cleaning out your office and desk, organizing paper files and computer files, archiving items as needed from 2018, and getting things ready for 2019.

Another activity to do during this downtime is to do some reflection. Look back on the past 12 months and reflect on: Did you meet your goals for 2018? What would you like to improve upon in the year ahead?

These activities can be a great way to hit reset on the past year and get organized so that you start 2019 with a bang!

And one more thing I encourage you to do during this time is to REST.

There’s no better way to get renewed energy than by taking time out out to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy this downtime in whatever way you choose. Whether that’s relaxing with loved ones, going to the movies, or booking yourself a massage!

You work so hard all year long… give yourself permission to enjoy this downtime!

Wishing you happy holidays from all of us here at PPR Strategies!

‘Til next time,

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