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I don’t pick favorite clients, but if I did…

Don’t get mad — I love all our clients…

 … But I recently spent 5 days working on a project that’s probably my favorite.

I was in Cambridge, Maryland working on the Maryland Economic Development Association’s 10th Annual Awards Banquet (and Annual Conference).

The Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a membership-based organization that supports individuals who encourage job creation and capital investment in Maryland.

The Awards Banquet is part of a larger 2-day conference for economic development professionals and private sector partners. During the conference, organization members get to learn and network with our speakers, sponsors and fellow attendees.

This is such a fun client to work with because we go WAY back. I’ve been a member of the organization myself since the late-90’s, and have worked with them as a client for 11 years. Over the years, PPR Strategies has helped manage and oversee the over 70 awards presentations. We’ve also expanded our role to help with all communications initiatives.

This year, I was there for 5 days helping with preparations for the conference — helping with everything from coordinating with the hotel AV staff, helping with presentations, scripts, and even facilitating a “Twitter wall” to engage attendees. (Hashtag  #MEDAannual)

This year was one of the best for me. It was great to see everything gel together in the way it did. And, so nice to see many people there who have have also become PPR Strategies clients, and friends. I really enjoy working with this entire group.

One of my favorite things about working on this event is being part of a team that’s always looking for new ways to improve the attendee’s experience. It wasn’t perfect — the conference will never be perfect. But, it was so great. And every year, we strive for better.

I got home on Tuesday, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired. But there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a home, feeling exhausted, and knowing you helped your clients to have a seamless, successful event.

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