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How to streamline your onboarding process

After hiring a new employee, it would be great if you could just wave a magic wand and your new employee would be fully confident and prepared in their new position.

But before this can happen, there’s a period in which they need a lot of help and guidance: the onboarding process. 

The onboarding process is so critical for the success (or failure) of new hires. It is time to provide the new employee with the information, guidance, and feedback they need in order to do their job successfully.

Here are a few tips to a successful onboarding process:

Create a welcome video.

A video is a more personal way to share information about the company that every new hire needs to know. It’s much more engaging than a sheet of paper and saves you time from repeating the same information with each new employee. These days, you can make a quality video with the help of a smartphone camera and a nice office background.

Create a checklist of onboarding tasks.

Your new hire may need to review key procedures read through informational documents, watch training videos, and learn organization systems. Make a complete list of all the tasks new hires need to take and provide this information in an onboarding checklist. This will help you organize everything that your new hire needs to do, help them stay on track, and keep you informed of their progress.

Provide your new employee with a coach or mentor.

A new hire needs someone they can rely on for support and to find out if they are doing their job right. They need someone who can help train them to think more strategically, and someone who can help them to know if they are on the right track. This is especially true when hiring someone just out of college who doesn’t have the experience and hasn’t developed their gut instinct yet. 

The executive director often doesn’t have the time to onboard, train, coach, and mentor the new employee on top of all of their other responsibilities. As an alternative to training them yourself, you can bring in an outside coach or mentor who can give them feedback and guidance during the first few weeks. 

Having a coach who can provide ideas, insight, and act as a sounding board could be the missing link to a new employee’s success – which impacts your entire organization.

Companies have often relied on us to coach new hires and support them through the hiring process. We are pleased to offer this service to you!

If you’re in the hiring process and want to support your new employees to be as successful as possible, contact us to set up a conversation about how we can support you with new employee coaching, mentoring, and training. 

‘Til next time,

P.S. Recently, I was interviewed on the Criteria For Success podcast, where I shared ideas on effective mentoring inside the workplace. 

Check out the Criteria For Success podcast episode, “Effective Mentoring” here.

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