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How I created my best team ever during the pandemic

There are inherent challenges that come with communicating in the workplace, such as generational differences and different learning styles.

On top of that, over the past few months, many of us have had to adjust to working separately in our own homes. (Remember the good ole’ days when you could ask a coworker a quick question across the room?)

To make things even more interesting, we hired a full-time team member and two new interns in the midst of the pandemic.

Now, we had the added challenge of getting to know one another as a new team – 100% virtually.

In the midst of this, I’m proud to share that we’ve built our best team ever during the pandemic!

We’ve strengthened our communication, our understanding of ourselves and one another, and our relationships during this time.

Here’s how we did it – and how you can too.

1. Each person on the team had to create and lead a team-building activity.

By having each team member come up with an exercise and lead it, everyone got the chance to flex their creativity and leadership skills. We all showed up (virtually) to each exercise with our full listening and participation, ready to try something different. 

Through these exercises, we discovered our own and one another’s learning types.  

  • Sophie, our Director of Operations, led a hands-on communications activity. 
  • Caitlin, our Marketing Intern, shared her screen and did a demonstration of Trello and a survey tool that they used in college. 
  • Ellen, our Communications Assistant, led a discussion about learning styles.
  • I led a presentation for the group with a visual chart of all of our strengths from the Strengths Finder quiz.

Through the different team-building exercises, we were able to identify our learning styles as well as understand each other.

We were able to recognize our own strengths and find the best ways of communicating with one another.

As the leader of the team, this allows me to understand how each person is best able to receive and share information and create the best structure for that. 

2. In addition to team-building activities, we’ve made time for socializing with one another outside of office hours too.

I’ve always made it a priority to get to know my team members, both on a professional and personal level. In person, this might look like going out for a happy hour drink. As this is no longer an option, we’ve met up for “virtual happy hour” where we can casually chat and share. 

We also hosted our recent virtual SIPS AND SONGS event, a night of enjoying a local singer/songwriter with some local takeout!

In this very unique time, we are not only forced to get creative in our businesses – we are forced to get creative in our teams as well.

I encourage you to get creative and think about how you can build relationships with your team.

How have you strengthened relationships with your team while working remotely? Have you tried any team-building exercises like these? Leave a comment down below to share!

‘Til next time,

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