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Graduation Season: Time to welcome new talent into the workforce!

We’re coming up on that time of year where high school and college graduations are taking place! New talent will soon be joining the workforce.

This year, graduation season is personal for me as my daughter Tabitha is graduating from college on May 12th!

It’s a major life milestone for her and it’s a milestone for me as a mom, too. And in a way, it’s a milestone for the PPR Strategies newsletter! Over the years, I’ve shared some of our adventures – like when Tabitha got her driver’s permit, or when I chaperoned her high school band at Disney World, or how she and I spent 12 Months of Fun together (including a trip to Ireland).

I’ll definitely be a proud mom as I watch her walking across the stage to get her diploma. Tabitha got a job as a civil engineer (project manager) with Whiting-Turner that starts this August. We’ll be in the waiting game this summer as she waits to find out exactly where she’ll be placed.

Until then, she’ll be taking the summer off. Maybe it’s time for a Mother-Daughter “Summer of Fun” before she officially joins the workforce – what do you think? 🙂

Whether or not anyone close to you is celebrating a graduation, it’s definitely a key time of year for economic developers to pay attention to. Within your organization, you might be seeking new hires or interns. Or, you might be focused on how to get more new talent to live and work in your community.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be getting a few “workforce-themed” newsletters from us with some tips and inspiration for making the most of this time period. Stay tuned!

I’d love to hear: what questions or challenges do you have as it relates to getting new talent to locate to your community? Send us a message to share!

Reimagining Places With You,
Sandy and the PPR Strategies Team

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