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Band-Aid® Stops Fashion Emergencies with their Publicity Campaign

Can anything be more boring than a plain old, nude colored band-aid? Surely if you need one, it isn’t a good thing.  However, people now might actually look forward to donning a band-aid, thanks to Band-Aid’s® new, genius marketing campaign.

To promote their new sexy, limited edition band-aids by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, Band-Aid® had to really put on their creative caps. What they came up with was a publicity campaign that won the brand new respect- and the Best Publicity Campaign Award of the 2012 PR Daily Awards.

They related band-aids to every fashion forward females worst nightmare- a fashion emergency, and at the perfect time too: during New York City’s 2012 Fashion Week. They launched a Band-Aid “glambulance”, which patrolled the fashionable streets of New York during the famous fashion week, offering makeovers, a seamstress for those major wardrobe malfunctions, and of course, their new sexy band-aids.


As if having their very own “glambulance” wasn’t enough, Band-Aid also launched a fashion malfunction story contest, giving out $2,500 to the winning contestant, served as a sponsor for celebrity stylist Roberto Verdi’s Fashion Week Retreat and Lounge, and recruited over 20 beauty and fashion bloggers as campaign ambassadors who spread the word like wildfire.

The results? According PRDaily.com, the new Band-Aid publicity campaign generated 1 million online impressions, more than 135,000 newsfeed impressions on Facebook, hundreds of tweets directed at the glambulance, and nearly 100,000 pedestrians were attracted to the glambulance in two days.

I think it’s safe to say, many will never look at Band-Aid the same again, which goes to show you if you ever think that your product is boring, there is always a new way to reinvent, promote and publicize any product. Yes, even one as boring as a band-aid.



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