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8 Weeks of Appreciation: Giving Home-Baked Sweet Treats

Welcome to Week 3 of 8 Weeks of Appreciation! It’s become a tradition at PPR Strategies—Places Reimagined to dedicate the 8 weeks leading up to the New Year to acts of kindness or service to our community. It’s our way of spreading more cheer, positivity, and goodwill in the world! Every week for 8 weeks, a team member from PPR Strategies will be writing a blog to share about the act of appreciation they did. 

This week, our intern Celine Wilson organized the team in giving home-baked goods to people in our communities as a way of showing appreciation. Here’s Celine:

Hi, I’m Celine and I’ve been a Marketing Intern at PPR Strategies for the past 6 months!

As the weather outside our windows beckons in chilled temperatures, fluttering crimson leaves, and clouds heavy with rain, inside our homes, the aroma of cinnamon, chocolate, and caramel warms the air. Baking has a way of evoking a sense of community into every bite; It takes work, focus, and patience for something delicious to come to fruition, and the result of this is a treat that warms us inside and out.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by the sweet treats of my mom’s and grandmother’s baking. We baked for neighbors and family members to show appreciation for those who have been impactful in our lives and in our surrounding community. For this reason, I wanted to bring baking as an activity into 8 Weeks of Appreciation. Our PPR Strategies team has many people in our lives that give us that same feeling of warmth, love, and community. We wanted to share our appreciation for what they do in our community and how they’ve shown up for us personally.

“These are pumpkin spice muffins that I made for my family’s house church. This group has been welcoming and thoughtful to my whole family, especially for my grandparents. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to show them my appreciation!”  

“My son and I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread with a cinnamon streusel topping for our lovely neighbor. He’s a widowed dad with two teenage children, and he enjoyed the surprise baked treat!”

Sandy and Nisha dropped off cookies to the Ambassadors at the Downtown Frederick Partnership.
“We wanted to show our appreciation for their hard work and how dedicated they are to taking care of our community.”

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way, and there’s nothing like a home-made baked good to show someone how much you care!

How are you inspired to show your appreciation this holiday season? Send us a message to let us know!

Reimagining Places with You,
Celine and the PPR Strategies Team


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