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Getting out of your comfort zone (maybe even onstage?)

The PPR Strategies team has been adjusting to a new city, a new office, and a new work environment.

We’re now working together in one room with adjoining tables, versus working in separate offices. It has been challenging and pushed us outside of our comfort zones, but it has also created an environment for greater collaboration.

And greater collaboration ultimately means better output for our clients.

Even if it means feeling a little uncomfortable at first, getting out of your comfort zone can lead to new, exciting results. 

This is also something I’ve experienced through getting onstage as a public speaker.

I’m an alumni of an incredible retreat called SPEAK With Confidence, where I created a talk, developed my confidence onstage, and learned how to pursue speaking opportunities. I worked with experienced experts and was supported by a welcoming community of people with all experience levels.

Whether you’d like to be a professional speaker or you simply want to feel more confident speaking in front of colleagues, I highly recommend SPEAK With Confidence. I’ve gotten so much out of these retreats that I’ve attended multiple times and brought friends along too. In the upcoming retreat, I’ll be participating as a trainer. 🙂

Send us a message if you would like to learn more!

Upcoming Speaking Events

Maryland Workforce Association’s Raising the Bar Conference
Sept 17-19, Turf Valley, Maryland

I’m a speaker at the Maryland Workforce Association’s upcoming Annual Conference. I’ll be speaking on “Bridging the Communication Gap: 3 Steps to Effectively Communicate With Anyone” on Wednesday, September 18 at 2:15pm.

For a quick preview of my talk, check out this 6-minute podcast with Workforce180 CEO Mike Fazio. 

Composite Can and Tube Institute (CCTI) 2019 Fall Meeting
September 26-27, Las Vegas, NV 

On the road… to Vegas! I’m speaking on how to Bridge the Communications Gap as a Session Speaker for the Composite Can and Tube Institute (CCTI) 2019 Fall & Technical Meeting.

If your organization is looking for a keynote speaker on topics such as communications, economic development marketing or PR, contact us to set up a call!

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