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Experiencing a Local Community as a Tourist

Recently, Sid, Tabitha and I took a day trip to National Harbor, just the other side of D.C. It was fun watching my family experience this new planned community as first-timers.

When we got there, all my husband knew was that they had a big ferris wheel, the Capital Wheel, which they often show in the local news. It’s right out of the water in a local pier, and 180 feet off the ground.

I’d been in the ferris wheel during Leadership Maryland and I wanted my family to experience it. It gave us a total bird’s eye view of the National Monument, the capitol, and Old Town Alexandria. Looking through the National Harbor, we could also see the new MGM Casino. It was really cool!

Then, we just walked around the town. Sid and Tabitha were amazed about how much was there. They had in their minds that there might be two blocks of shops and restaurants, but there was definitely enough for us to do for a couple hours, popping in and out.

Now when we see the ferris wheel on television, we can smile and know we experienced it ourselves!

Lots of times we think we have to travel far and wide to have a new, fun experience — but there are so many gems right within your region to experience.

Are there any sights in your community that you haven’t visited, or haven’t seen as a tourist? What could you experience in your community so you can better sell it to others?

When you take some time to experience your community with “as a tourist”, you can better share its value with others. And in the process, have your own great “stay-cation”!


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