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Embrace your (and your team’s) superpowers

Did you know that “Random Acts of Kindness Day” is coming up on February 17? 

Often, we have so much on our plate that a small act of kindness may seem like the least important priority. 

On top of that, when a team is working together, our differences can often get in the way of truly appreciating each other’s strengths.

So, in honor of this upcoming holiday, I invite you to embrace your own – and one other’s – superpowers!

Have you ever seen the movie The Incredibles, about the family of superheroes?


Each member of the family has unique superpowers. 

Mr. Incredible has superhuman strength. Mrs. Incredible can stretch her body up to 300 feet. The daughter Violet can turn herself invisible. The older son Dash has superhuman speed. The baby, Jack Jack, has the ability to shapeshift. 

While they’re all different, they understand what each member has to offer and they use their individual powers to be a great family unit. 

Respecting Each Other’s Differences

Just like in the movie The Incredibles, everyone in your organization has a different set of superpowers.

Perhaps one person has years of experience in the industry, and is highly knowledgeable about marketing techniques that have been successful and unsuccessful in the past. 

Another person might be new to the team and bring fresh energy and ideas, as well as a comfort with new technology. 

Personally, I surround myself in the office with people who are really nothing like myself. That helps us to be a more well-rounded team. Of course, it does present challenges when we move quickly and forget we’re not all exactly the same, but we just need to remember that we have special superpowers.  

What is the unique superpower you bring to your position? 

I challenge you to identify your superpower and to help others identify theirs, too. 

One of the best acts of kindness you can do for someone else is to acknowledge their superpower.

What do they uniquely bring to their job? Maybe it’s a skill set, a habit, or an attitude that makes a big difference. 

Share that with them – perhaps in a note or a card. By showing someone else that you see them, hear them and respect what they offer the world, you can truly make an impact!

Let me know your thoughts on “superpowers” in the comments down below!

‘Til next time,

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