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Economic Development Events We’re Attending in Maryland and Beyond

Last month, we finished up the Chesapeake Basic Economic Development Course. This is one of my favorite client events all year long – I’ve been the facilitator for this Economic Development Course for the past 10 years. I love the chance to guide the session, engage with the new economic development professionals and teach about economic development and marketing – several of my favorite things! I take it on as my job to make sure that students are engaged, sharing ideas, entertained and learning from each other. Okay… the ‘entertainment’ might not be the most important thing, but it’s definitely something in a virtual environment.

In 2020, MEDA moved the course to the virtual format, which allowed the course to be really cost-effective and accessible both for instructors and students. The group that gathered virtually enjoyed it so much that they’ll be gathering together for an in-person happy hour during Economic Development Week in Maryland this October.

Here are more economic development events we’re participating in…

IEDC’s Marketing and Attraction Course – Past Event (Presenters) – This year, we had two PPR Strategies team members leading sessions for the IEDC Marketing Attraction Course. I co-presented the two-day course with another place-based marketing firm. And Sophie Smith, our Director of Operations, led a session about Social Media. Sophie is usually behind the scenes, and it was awesome seeing her take a more outward-facing position. Her energy, excitement, and knowledge made the presentation engaging and full of value for the participants.

Maryland Association of Counties Summer Conference – August 17 – 20, MACo, Maryland (Attendee)

S.H.E. Week – August 22 – 26, Frederick, Maryland (Attendees) – We’re looking forward to attending Frederick County Chamber of Commerce’s S.H.E. Week as participants this year (vs presenting, as I’ve also enjoyed doing in past years). It’s both personally and professionally fulfilling to have the opportunity to learn, listen, and engage at this conference.

PPR Strategies Company Retreat – August 25 – 26, Frederick, Maryland (Team Retreat) – The PPR Strategies team will be coming together for a day and a half retreat where we’ll be taking the time to brainstorm and update our own strategic plan for the upcoming year. It’s so important to take this time out to plan, and we’ll be following the retreat up with quarterly check-ins to review our progress on different projects and milestones.

Maryland Workforce Association’s Raising the Bar Conference – September 12 – 14, Hanover, Maryland (Attendees)

IEDC Fall Conference – September 18 – 21, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (IGNITE Presenter) – In past years, I’ve helped other people create and plan for their IGNITE presentations at the IEDC Fall Conference… This year, I’ll be doing my own IGNITE presentation for the first time! (Come see my presentation  Get your ticket here!)

Virginia Economic Development Association’s Fall Meeting – September 21 – 23, Lynchburg, Virginia (Attendee)

Economic Development Week (October 24 – 28) and the MEDA Fall Conference (October 25) – Howard County, Maryland. This year will be Maryland’s 12th annual Economic Development Week celebration, and it’s an excellent opportunity to tell the story of what economic development is and why it’s so important. The theme of the MEDA Fall Conference is cybersecurity – which is something all organizations need to be on top of.


In a post-Covid world, where we can attend so much online, in-person day-long or multi-day conferences can be great opportunities for different types of learning as well as for networking and relationship building. Hope to see you at some of these events this fall! (Make sure to say hello.) 🙂

‘Til next time,

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