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Sometimes the key in life is not taking our selves so seriously. Well, the same can be applied to your business. Here at PPR Strategies, we put that mentality to use.

People love humor and genuineness. These kinds of traits are what make your message memorable.

In order to stay timely, we ran an ad in the Journal Newspaper that highlighted Thanksgiving. We wanted to break the mold of the typical cornucopia and “what we’re thankful for” themes. So we channeled our inner goofiness. What did we come up with? This:

#EatHam PPR Strategies Ad

Our main goal in this advertisement was to make the audience chuckle. We didn’t have an explicit message within this ad. Instead, this silly image was used to help emphasize the creativity and valor of our brand. We are fortunate to work with great clients, who trust us to have fun with their brands, so when we work with our own business we try to keep the silliness alive.

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