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Creative Ways to Share Your Community on Instagram

Instagram is known for being the social media site for posting pictures of fabulous vacation spots, amazing food, or in general – anything that creates the feeling of “FOMO” (i.e., Fear of Missing Out). Once just popular among teens, Instagram has grown to having over 2 billion active users worldwide.

This visual and user-friendly platform is a great place to reach the current and future workforce and to showcase the quality of life of your community.

Here are a few creative ideas to share your community on Instagram:

  • Highlight Your Community’s Attractions – Share photos and videos of your community’s attractions, whether it’s the great restaurants, hiking trails, breweries, or other exciting entertainment.

  • Support Your Existing Businesses and Highlight Local Talent – Many local businesses and entrepreneurs in your community are active on Instagram. Follow them, comment on their posts, and share their content.

  • Invite Local Professionals to Do an “Instagram Takeover” of Your Account – You can highlight specific industries in your community by inviting them to post on your Instagram for a day.

    • For Manufacturing Month, manufacturers could share photos inside the industry.
    • During National Education Week or Teacher’s Month, public school teachers could show a “day in the life” at their public school.
    • For Back-to-College Season, a local professor could give a sneak peek into higher education in the local community.
  • Spread Awareness About Local Industries Through Photos and Captions:
    • To highlight the Transportation Industry, post pictures of people walking, biking, and sharing rides on different transportation routes.
    • Give Mass Transit the spotlight by posting a picture of local buses or subways with text about the transportation networks.
    • Highlight Restaurant Week and share pictures of food from different restaurants.

You can learn about many of Instagram’s latest features and get more content inspiration in our new guide, Social Media Strategies for Economic Development Organizations in 2022-2023. Download it here!

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