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Change is in the air!

Change is in the air! Many local businesses are opening up to a greater capacity. Tourism is picking up. People are returning to offices or talking about what that might look like. 

Here at PPR Strategies, we’ve been in the office since August. As a small private company, we were able to make our own choices within the state’s restrictions. It was up to us to create a safe space for working as a team in person. One way we did that was moving from a small office space to a large open office space in the middle of the pandemic. 

While we maintain distance from one another, we’ve enjoyed collaborating together in person. We also have virtual contractors and team members we collaborate with daily, so we’re well-versed in the hybrid office environment.

Here are a few things we’ve learned…

  • The “Mute” button is your friend. While on Zoom calls, if you aren’t speaking, mute yourself. That keeps outside noise from affecting group meetings, and also gives your team members more freedom to speak inside the office as needed.
  • Utilize conference rooms if available. We often use conference rooms for one-to-one Zoom calls or one-to-many. This creates more privacy and focus, as well as a little bit more of a sound barrier. 
  • Use headphones (with a mic) for Zoom meetings. People on both ends of the call will thank you for using headphones. You’ll sound clearer, and they can also help to block out noise and give you more focus.

In addition to coming back to the office, economic development organizations are more in the Covid recovery phase now, while still delivering on grants and supporting businesses.

And as the end of the fiscal year approaches, you might have some additional resources left to use. How might you use those to start off strong in the next fiscal year?

Is it time to…

  • Refresh your website?
  • Come up with a new campaign idea?
  • Figure out your blog strategy?

If you’d like to make the best use of your end-of-fiscal year funds, and would like some outside consulting support, reach out to us at PPR Strategies. We can help you figure out how to leverage your resources to get a head start on your goals for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

‘Til next time,

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